The Kingdom Photography Award
Second Edition

About ‘AlHasa Hassana’ Exhibition

Since the early Islamic period, Al-Ahsa has been a keeper of public memory of the Saudi people. Even today, the land carries traces of journeys across time and kingdoms.

Curated by Mohamed Somji, five professional photographers: Abdo Shanan, Alejandro Chaskielberg, Farah Foudeh, Latifa AlBokhari, and Tasneem Alsultan explored the region and the intricate connections binding its people to their land. They captured Al-Ahsa’s fertile soil and lush date palms, in addition to embracing the Hassawi culture from its food and hospitality to traditions and rituals of everyday life. ‘AlHasa Hassana’ exhibition displays the captivating series of photographs of Al-Ahsa through the lenses of these international photographers.

Like the local saying that the title of this exhibition draws from—AlHassa is our Hassa—this collection of photographs offers distinct insights into Al-Ahsa and its enduring allure in the hearts of its people.

Alongside the professional photographs, ‘AlHasa Hassana’ displays the winning artworks of the second edition of The Kingdom Photography Award. Led by professional photographers, the exhibition offers an astounding public program of workshops, talks, and panel discussions for everyone.

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