• 1. These terms and conditions are applied to the competition under the umbrella of the Visual Arts Commission.

      2. Participation should not contradict any of the provisions and principles of the Islamic Sharia, public morals and taste, and cultural values of the Kingdom.

      3. Participation must not encourage the violation of any rights, laws or regulations on both local and international levels.

      4. The Visual Arts Commission reserves the right to exclude any participant from the competition at its sole discretion, without providing any reasons or incurring any obligations or compensation of any kind.

      5. The Visual Arts Commission reserves the right to change or omit any of the terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice. Accordingly, the participant must regularly review any updates that may occur as this won’t be announced by the Visual Arts Commission.

      6. The participant is committed to credibility, attendance and completion of all stages of the award. As such, the participant's absence during any of the award stages is considered to be his/her withdrawal from the competition.

      7. The Visual Arts Commission has the right to publish anything related to the award on the online platform of the award and its social media accounts, including the participants' information.

      8. The jury board will evaluate the qualified entries based on its own criteria for selecting the winners and will communicate with the candidates if necessary.

      9. The participants must be above the age of 18.

      10. Participation is limited to individuals only and is not valid for commercial entities or institutions.

      11. The entry must be an original work of the participants. Duplicate entries will be excluded.

      12. The participant must upload his/her submission and all the required documents through the Visual Arts Commission's website. The files must be in the required format according to the registration guidelines. Documents not submitted through the website will not be accepted.
    • 1. The participant warrants that all the information and data submitted are true, accurate and complete, and acknowledges and agrees that the Visual Arts Commission has the right to exclude the participant from the competition if proven otherwise, and that the participant will bear all responsibility.

      2. The participant is responsible for informing the Visual Arts Commission authorities when any of the data or information submitted is changed.

      3. The participant acknowledges that entering the competition does not mean registering the submitted work as intellectual property.

      4. The participant is fully committed to attending and completing all stages of the competition.

      5. The participant acknowledges and agrees that the Visual Arts Commission has the right to use and process personal data such as name and address within the scope of the competition, and this data can also be used for the purpose of verifying the identity, postal address, phone number and eligibility to participate.

      6. The participant is committed to credibility, attendance and completion of all stages of the award. As such, the participant's absence during any of the award stages is considered to be his/her withdrawal from the competition.

      7. The participant acknowledges and agrees to grant the Visual Arts Commission the right to use the submission both inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a period of three years, provided that all rights are reserved for the participant. The commission may use the submission after the end of this period upon approval from the participant.

      8. The participant acknowledges and agrees that the Visual Arts Commission has the right to use and publish all the information it deems appropriate about the participants – including their audio and/or video recordings, submissions and ideas – in any advertising campaigns or during any stage for promotional purposes.

      9. The participant acknowledges that the Visual Arts Commission has the right to withdraw the prize from the main winner and choose another participant in case any reasons for the disqualification of the main winner become apparent, as per the terms and conditions of the competition.

      10. The Visual Arts Commission will not bear any responsibility if false or inaccurate information is delivered because of human errors or technical malfunctions such as loss, delay or deletion of data transmission, or malfunction of the telephone line, computer, network or computer accessories.
    • 1. The Visual Arts Commission is not responsible for any material or moral losses or damages incurred by the participant because of participating in the competition via the website.

      2 .The Visual Arts Commission is not responsible for any legal measures taken against the participant in the event of a violation of any of the rules and regulations before the official authorities.

      3 .The participant agrees and acknowledges that the Visual Arts Commission will not be responsible for any financial costs incurred through participating in the competition, and that the participant will bear solely any costs related to participation and any subsidiary costs arising therefrom, and the Visual Arts Commission shall not be responsible for paying any fees to facilitate the participant's participation.

      4 .These terms and conditions are subject to the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the event of any dispute arising as a result of any participation, the jurisdiction to consider the dispute shall fall to the competent judicial authorities in the city of Riyadh.
    • 1. All parts of the submission and any other information provided by the participant must be personal. The participant acknowledges that all information provided to the Visual Arts Commission does not infringe upon the intellectual property rights, private rights or privacy of any third party. The Visual Arts Commission reserves the right to refuse or exclude participation and to refer any damage caused to it to the participant.

      2. If there are similar submissions from two different people and there is no evidence of ownership of the submission by both parties, their participation will be canceled unless one of the parties submits official evidence of ownership of their submission.

      3. The Visual Arts Commission has the right to keep any detailed files attached to the submission by the participant.

      4. In the event of a dispute over the intellectual property of submissions or any other dispute, the participant shall release the Visual Arts Commission from any responsibility for any material or moral damages arising therefrom, and the participant shall be solely responsible for this violation and the breach thereof.

      5. The Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property allows you to register the copyrights to your participation (photographs) as intellectual property by applying for a new workbook registration service (photographic works) through the website link: https://saip.gov.sa/services/1192
    • 1. What is the Kingdom Photography Award?
      The Kingdom Photography Award is a leading annual cultural prize aimed at fostering both local and global talents in the field of photography. It endeavors to engage them in showcasing the Kingdom's natural wonders and heritage. In its second edition, the Award seeks to inspire professional and amateur photographers alike and to promote cultural exchange within and beyond the Kingdom.

      The award provides a unique opportunity for participants to exhibit their photographic works alongside selected pieces from professional photographers, crafting an unforgettable visual narrative of the Kingdom's enchantments. The winner’s works will form part of an exhibition hosted in Hayy Jameel in Jeddah, offering a direct interaction with world-renowned photographers and the chance to benefit from their artistic expertise in the realm of photography.

      2. Do I have to be an expert to submit for the Award?
      No, everyone is welcome to submit for the Award.

      3. How can I register?
      You can register by filling in the required information.

      4. How many photographs do I need to submit?
      The submission should include a series of 3–10 photographs.

      5. Can I submit images that I have captured outside Saudi Arabia?
      No, the images you enter must be from Saudi Arabia.

      6. Can I submit more than one series?
      Yes, you can submit more than one series of 3-10 photographs.

      7. Can I use photoshop or other editing software?
      Yes, Images can be manipulated, however the manipulation must be clearly outlined within the image description and in the entry details as instructed.

      8. Are there any submission fees?
      No, your submission is completely free.

      9. If I win, will there be travel costs to attend the exhibition in Jeddah?
      Travel costs to Jeddah are covered for the winners.

      10. Do I have to use a professional camera?
      No, you can use any camera – even a mobile phone.

      11. How will the candidates be selected?
      An independent committee of renowned local and international photography experts will select the winners.

      12. Can I withdraw from the Award after my nomination?
      If nominated for the final stages, the participant cannot withdraw unless there is an emergency and must submit a valid reason within 48 hours.

      13. How can I communicate with the Award management?
      You can communicate by submitting your query via the form at the bottom of the platform.

      14. What should I provide while registering for the Award?
      You can see the requirements on the registration form for the track after clicking on the "Register Now" button.

      15. Do I have to abide by the conditions of participation in the Award, and if I do not, what will that entail?
      It is necessary to comply with all the award conditions. In case of non-compliance with the requirements mentioned above, the award team has the right to disqualify the participant.

      16. What nationalities are eligible for registration?
      Saudi national and residents are welcome to participate in the Kingdom Photography Award.

      For inquiries: