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© Mohamed Somji

© Tasneem Alsultan

About the Award

The Kingdom Photography Award, an initiative launched by the Visual Arts Commission under the Ministry of Culture in its second edition, “We Tell Stories, "Invites all photography enthusiasts of all levels of experience to submit their series of photographs.

We invite photographers to show us how they see the world, and what kind of stories from their surroundings they would like to bring to a wider audience. While a single image can no doubt be powerful, we are asking photographers to carve narratives across a series of images that can offer a deeper engagement with people as well as places. In the format of a photo essay, we are looking for submissions that offer the audience an insight into these places beyond one-time encounters or tourist attractions.

We are looking for your connection to these places--tell us the story of your community by taking us into a day in the life of a person or show us the life on the public places and how people engage with public spaces. Unlike a single picture, a photo-essay can offer us possibilities to get to know your characters, the textures of their lives, their preoccupations and their contemplations. We welcome documentary narratives or a series of portraits. We also welcome portraits not just of people and communities, but also of places. Through a series of images, we are looking for what each image presents and the silent connections taking us from one to the next.

The possibilities are endless, and we will be sharing examples and tips on our social media accounts from time to time, so stay tuned.

The Award Objectives

Honor Heritage: The Award pays tribute to Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage and traditions, bringing them to life through contemporary visual storytelling.

Appreciate Culture: By offering a modern perspective on Saudi culture, the award promotes a greater understanding and further appreciation of the multifaceted Saudi identity.

Foster Creativity: Participants are encouraged to bring fresh and creative perspectives to their submissions, inspiring them to contemplate innovative approaches while considering the themes of the award.

Unite Artistic Communities: The award serves as a platform for photographers and contemporary artists to unite. It creates an inclusive community that nurtures the exchange of visions and narratives around life in the Kingdom.

Award Concept

The Kingdom Photography Award, in its second edition, is an exceptional experience worthy of participation. It provides the opportunity for participants to capture visual narratives about their daily lives with their unique styles.

You can submit a minimum of 3 and up to 10 images captured by your phone or the latest professional camera. 5 winners will be selected for prizes of 20,000 Saudi Riyals and gift vouchers worth 20,000 Saudi Riyals each, in addition to exhibiting their winning photographs at Hayy Jameel in Jeddah.

©Abdul Majeed Al Rodhan

Meet Our Jurors

Mohammad AlFaraj

Saudi Arabia

AlFaraj grew up in Al-Ahsa, one of the largest oasis in the world listed on the UNESCO heritage list, where he studied engineering and developed a love of the camera. His work can be described as a cinematic collage of mediums, practices and ideas, creating a world charged with stories, poetry and the search for truth by exploring documentation and interpretation. He hopes his work can nurture imagination and empathy in the experiencer.

Mohammad AlFaraj received an honorable mention in the Plural+ youth video festival (New York, 2015) and was the winner of the Crossway Foundation competition “Encountering Another World” the same year. His work has been presented at La Biennale de Lyon 2022, Noor Riyadh 2022 and Sharjah Art Museum, among many others.


Photography Competition

Tanvi Mishra


Tanvi Mishra works with images as a photo editor, curator and writer based in New Delhi, India. Among her interests are rights and representation in image-making, research strategies in visual culture and the notion of truth/fiction in photography, particularly in the current political landscape.

She has served as the Creative Director of The Caravan, a journal of politics and culture, and is part of the photo-editorial team of PIX, a South Asian publication and display practice. Tanvi has also been part of the curatorial teams of Photo Kathmandu, Delhi Photo Festival and BredaPhoto. Her writing on photography has been published across various platforms including Aperture, FOAM and 1000 Words. She has served on multiple juries including World Press Photo and Chennai Photo Biennale Awards; she is currently part of the first international advisory committee of World Press Photo.


Photography Competition

Ghada AlMuhanna

Saudi Arabia

Ghada AlMuhanna is a dedicated cultural and media advisor with a focus on the Arabian Peninsula’s visual history and identity. After earning her Master of Laws (LL.M.) from the University of Michigan, Ghada began her career as a counter-terrorism researcher. It was during this time that she recognized the need for a more authentic representation of the Arabian Peninsula’s culture and heritage. This realization inspired her to shift her focus towards media and public diplomacy, working with both public and private entities to create narratives that genuinely reflect the region’s rich history and identity.

As an M.A. candidate in Media and Visual Anthropology, Ghada’s work emphasizes storytelling, cultural preservation and cultural exchange. Her passion for the region’s identity drives her to use her Twitter and Instagram accounts to retell the stories of the Arabian Peninsula, reclaiming its narrative and challenging misconceptions.


Photography Competition

Mick Moore

United Kingdom

Mick Moore is the CEO and Creative Director of British Journal of Photography, the world’s longest-running photography journal which has been showcasing pioneers of the art form since 1854. Mick has spent over twenty years guiding BJP’s aesthetic; he is responsible for its evolution over multiple redesigns and is the driving force behind its forays into digital publishing.


Photography Competition

Hussain AlMoosawi

United Arab Emirates

Hussain AlMoosawi is a multidisciplinary Emirati creative with 15 years of experience in the realms of design, photography and visual journalism. After obtaining a B.A. from Queensland College of Art in 2007, Hussain started his design career working for The Letter D. and Museum of Brisbane. In 2013 he completed his M.A. in Communication Design from Swinburne University in Melbourne then returned home to the UAE, where he served as an infographic artist and content creator for The National and other media platforms at Abu Dhabi Media. In parallel, he has been on a quest to rediscover the UAE’s urban landscapes through systematic documentation of the overlooked modern architecture. He is currently acting Editor-in-Chief of National Geographic AlArabiya Magazine based in Abu Dhabi.


Photography Competition

The Award Stages

Stage 01

Dec 2023

Registration Opens

The submission portal is open for photographers to participate in the competition.

Stage 02

Dec 2023

Registration Closes

The registration window closes and submitted works are evaluated by the independent judging panel

Stage 03


Winners Announcement

Announcement of all winners for the Award.

Stage 04

10 Feb
02 Mar 2024

Photography Exhibition

Works by the winning photographers exhibited alongside works by professional photographers at Hayy Jameel in Jeddah, accompanied by a diverse public program

The Exploratory Trip
“Chapters of Our Kingdom”

The Visual Arts Commission under the Ministry of Culture hosts professional photographers in Al-Ahsa governorate to tell visual stories inspired by the “Chapters of Our Kingdom” using their camera lenses. Their artistic perspectives make every series of frames tell a unique tale about the enchanting nature, rich history, and outstanding culture of the Kingdom.

About the Exhibition

The Kingdom Photography Award Exhibition is your inspirational gate to a top-notch artistic experience that combines visual stories by professional and emerging photographers about the beauty of the Kingdom. You can also join the workshops led by professional artists in the exhibition visitors’ program at Hayy Jameel, Jeddah.